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We can order reclaimed wood flooring for that real, I mean REAL old look in different species.  When finished they look stunning and compliment you houses style.  These woods are even available  prefinished so all that is needed is for it to be installed.   Most of these are special order.
Custom treads and risers in this guest house were prefinished and fitted  
 so the painter could do his work first.  It was measured on site and then cut and finished off site.  A custom rough pine floor material was used on this stairway..
Floors can even be painted to brighten up things or to give the house a certain look, in this case a nice beach house has a light gray paint to accent the white and give it an outdoor look and feel.  We worked with a Calafornia decorator on this summer home.
This exotic wood, African Mahogany, is a very hard, dense wood with lots of deep rich brown color tones from light to dark.  It accented the white walls and kitchen cabinets nicely.
100 year old growth Northern White Pine plank was used for this Traditional looking home.  Planks as wide as 18 inches were used to give it an older look, then stained lightly to bring out the grain.
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